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Why visit UK?

United Kingdom consists of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales located in the northern part of Europe. UK offers wide range of holiday options to visitors. It has rich cultural heritage and each country has its own unique and distinct history with most visited historical sites across the world, by millions of people every year. United Kingdom has neighbouring countries like Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherland and Norway. It is the 8th most visited country in the world.


Types of UK Visitor Visa

United Kingdom has long list for various types of Visitor Visa including:

  • General Visitor
  • Business Visitor
  • Family Visitor
  • Entertainer Visitor
  • Child Visitor
  • Marriage Visitor
  • Sport Visitor
  • Parent of Child at School
  • Student Visitor
  • Prospective Entrepreneur Visitor

Depending upon the visitor type, document will vary besides the basic requirements.